So Much Noise!

The other morning was not so much different than most mornings.

As I was getting ready, one of my children barged through the door to tell me a story about how she had discovered the way her scarf could be used as a rope to close doors. Her story included multiple, "Mom, mom, mom...look!" On top of this, my son was yelling for me to help him find the right clothes to wear, shouting from upstairs that he couldn't find any pants (not that the five pairs in his drawer actually counted). I responded by turning my music up a little louder, pretending like I couldn't hear either of them, while I gently applied mascara.

Then, as we drove to our destination, one child yelled out, "Punch bug, blue" while the other one shouted back, "I already saw that one!" That conversation turned into, as it naturally does, one in which they begged me to answer for them one of their many "why?" questions, which I proceeded to turn back on them with, "Why do you think..." only to be interrupted with an exclamation of "What's that smell!?" Of course, w