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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Policy 


Opportunity Thrive’s mission is to help all thrive in work. No matter one’s ethnicity, race, color, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, physical abilities, faith, etc., individuals have the capacity to thrive in their work setting.  We will work to support all individuals and advocate that leaders provide the tools, resources, and organizational structure to help followers flourish.


We also believe organizations thrive when they invest in creating belonging for all. A sense of inclusion and engagement help leaders to recruit and retain employees and are critical to meeting the needs of today’s schools.  Creativity, innovation, and progress are the byproducts of diversity of thought, inclusion of all voices, equity of power, and access for all bodies. 


Our commitments as an organization are to: 


1. Serve All Educators: We will serve all educators, believing that all educators deserve to work in schools that value them as humans in all of their diversity. Our vision extends to fostering school environments that genuinely value educators as individuals, embracing their diversity.​

2. Build an Inclusive Coaching Community: We will seek to have a coaching community that is representative of the diversity of the education profession. More specifically, we will seek to recruit coaches who represent the gender, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ability of our educators. Doing so allows us to embrace and coach the full experience of educators.

3. Establish a Diverse Board of Directors: We will seek to have a diverse board of directors that represents the full tapestry of the education profession because we firmly believe that the effectiveness of our decision-making hinges on diverse perspectives. Varied viewpoints are not just welcomed; they are essential to ensure our actions are comprehensive and truly reflective of the needs of all educators.

4. Craft an Inclusive and Conscious Curriculum: We will strive to ensure our curriculum and training are conscious and inclusive of the needs of all educators. We vow to meticulously craft curriculum and training modules that are deeply conscious of the diverse needs of educators. By embracing inclusivity in our content, we equip educators with the tools they need to nurture their students holistically and without bias.

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