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Your Support Helps Educators and Students Thrive

At Opportunity Thrive, we’re working to build healthier schools by helping educators thrive physically, emotionally, and mentally. By supporting our operational needs, you enable Opportunity Thrive to expand our coaching programs across the state, advocate for additional educators, and to ultimately transform the cultures in our schools to be places where adults and students can thrive. 


However, many more educators need our services than school districts can afford today. Each donation to Opportunity Thrive ensures that every educator who desires support, receives support. Your contribution towards $1,600 will enable an educator to complete 10 sessions with Opportunity Thrive and allow them to regain their sense of purpose and passion in education.


If you are ready to help your local educators and students thrive, you can donate by using the payment form below. For contributions of other amounts or contribution questions, please contact us.


Interested in becoming an educator wellness coach?  Click here to learn more and apply!

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Thank you for your support! Your contribution helps our educators and students to thrive! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Opportunity Thrive, please contact Kelly Slager at

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