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Request an Educator Wellness Coach: 

Rediscover your passion and purpose in education with a coach!

We recognize that as educators we could all use the encouragement and support of a confidant–someone who understands what it is like to walk the path of an educator and who can hold in confidence all of our stress and processing. Our Educator Wellness Coaching Program has been shown to be effective in helping educators rediscover their passion and purpose in education. Some of the topics our coachees (what we call each of our educators who are courageous enough to have a coach) practice over the course of their relationship with their coach are how to set healthier boundaries, how to effectively advocate for themselves, how to navigate difficult colleagues, and how to imagine their "why" in education. 

While our typical route of bringing this type of coaching to educators is through a partnership with a school district, we know that some of you might not have districts who are supportive of this type of work, even though you really desire it.

This is for you!

Here is how it works: 

  1. Fill out the form below, letting us know a bit about you and where you currently work. 

  2. We will connect with you. First, we will contact you to let you know you are in our system. Then, we will send you a confidential and individualized link to our Personal Wellness Inventory–a 38 question survey intended to measure an educator's social, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. 

  3. After you have taken the Personal Wellness Inventory, we will connect you with your coach. 

  4. Your coach will connect with you to set up your one-on-one times. These sessions can take place during timeframes and via contact methods that work best for you (phone, Zoom, Meet, etc.). Together, you will build your coaching schedule. Our coaches will provide you with up to 10 hours of support, broken apart in timeframes that work best for you. 

  5. Enjoy the confidential, individualized, and effective support of your coach.

What will it cost you? 

As a nonprofit, one of our commitments is to never let cost get in the way of an educator receiving the support they need. While our coaching costs us, as an organization, approximately $125/hr per educator coached, we recognize that this is a lot of money for an educator. Therefore, we ask that if you can pay privately, please select that option. If you need help covering the costs of having a coach, please select the scholarship option. We want to support you no matter what!

Fill out the form below to begin the coaching process...
Payment Type:
Preferred method of communication:

Thank you for signing up for support. We will be in contact very soon!

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