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Teaching Through Stress:  This presentation introduces educators to the science of stress, the language of resilience, and the tools necessary to build resilience.  Individuals are provided a framework-Maslow's Hierarchy of Teacher's Needs-to understand where they are struggling and how they can invest in their own resilience.  

Communities of Resilience:  This presentation intermixes the individual practices of resilience and the communal practices of resilience.  Staff are introduced to a common metaphor and are led through practices meant to build their skills of resilience, both as a staff and as individuals.  The goal is to create common language and personal investment in building a community of self-compassion, vulnerability, trust and empathy.

Individual Skills of Resilience Training's:  These training's focus on the seven skills of resilience:  self-compassion, empathy, vulnerability, courage, emotional awareness, collaborative spirit, and cognitive flexibility.  The training's include such things like:  Challenging the Inner Critic with Self-compassion, Creating a Culture of Accountability, Investing in the Hard Conversations, and Leaning in with Empathy.


Resilient Schools Presentations Pricing:

  • 1 hr presentation:  $500 (plus round trip mileage from Holland)

  • 1/2 day presentation:  $1000 (plus round trip mileage from Holland)

  • Full day presentation:  $1800 (plus round trip mileage from Holland)

      Personal Wellness Inventories:

This 53-question inventory assesses and educator's mental, physical, and emotional wellness.  The inventory takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.  The inventory provides an educator's overall wellness score, their protective factor score, risk factor score, and individualized score in the unique areas of Maslow's Hierarchy of Teacher's Needs.  Each educator received their personalized score automatically and is given the opportunity to receive coaching (see Tier 3 supports).

Personal Wellness Inventories Pricing:

  • Small District Pricing:  (1-50 FTE Teachers) $15/person

  • Middle District Pricing:  (51-150 FTE Teachers) $12/person

  • Large District Pricing:  (151 plus FTE Teachers) $10/person

Tier 1

Resilient Schools Presentations

Staff Culture Assessment

Tier 1

This is a 35-question inventory, intended to assess within a school and district the unique stress barriers as well as the strength of relational trust between administration and staff and within the staff.  The assessment is based on Dr. Maslach and Dr. Leiter's (1997) six-identified stress barriers within an organization-workload, lack of control, absence of fairness, conflicting values, breakdown of community, and insufficient reward-and Dr. Byrk and Dr. Schneider's (2004) 10-yr study on the impacts of relational trust on school improvement.  After participants complete the assessment, districts are provided with a detailed breakdown of the stress barriers by school and role.  This breakdown can serve as a roadmap for identifying the cultural needs of a building and district and the training necessary to help build a more resilient culture.

Staff Culture Assessment Pricing:  

  • 1 Building:  $1500/building

  • 2-3 Buildings:  $1250/building

  • 4-5 Buildings:  $1100/building

  • 6+ Buildings:  $1000/building


Tier 2

Resilience Champions
           (requires Staff Culture Assessment) 

This train-the-trainer program serves as a deep-dive into the resilience of a district.  Representative teams from each building in the district serve as Resilience Champions for their buildings.  They attend a three day training on the skills of resilience and the practices of a resilient community.  On the third day, they participate in a strategic planning session to look at the Staff Culture Assessment that was conducted simultaneously.  Each team looks at their specific data and uses their knowledge of resilience to identify what skills and practices they believe will be helpful in addressing the identified stress barriers.  Along with Opportunity Thrive staff, they identify goals and an implementation plan to build a healthier staff culture within their buildings.  

Resilience Champions Pricing:  (does not include Staff Culture Assessment)

  • 3-day training:  $4000

Resilience Champions

Tier 3

Educator Wellness Coaching 
                       (requires the Personal Wellness Inventory) 

After taking the Personal Wellness Inventory, educators whose scores suggest that it might be helpful will be contacted and offered the opportunity to connect with one of our Educator Wellness Coaches.  Together, this coaching process will help educators identify their stress, learn the skills they need in order to be resilient, add tools to manage their stress, and regain their passion and purpose as an educator.

Price of Educator Wellness Coaching: 

  • dependent on the number of educators who are coached through the process

  • $1000 per educator coached

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