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The Connected Teacher: Conversations for Such a Time

Life has separated us from our students, our colleagues, our friends, and our communities, but separate does not have to mean disconnected. The following are the recorded versions of our Zoom conversations with experts on topics we believe are relevant and timely.

Conversation #1: "Trauma, Self, and our Students" 

with Dr. Stephanie Grant, Director of Infant Mental Health & Trauma Informed Communities at DEBH

Conversation #2: "Being Resilient and Caring for Ourselves Right Now" 

with Jenna Nienhuis, Licensed Clinical Therapist & Social Worker

Conversation #3: "Mindfulness for You and Your Students" 

with Kara Green, mindfulness and classroom teacher and Keren Fuentes, certified Mindful Schools and classroom teacher

Conversation #4: "Anxiety in the Age of Covid-19" 

with Dr. Laurie Birkholz, Family Medicine Physician and certified Women's Health Specialist 

*please note that this video did not capture the first part of our conversation; a summary of the first part is offered in its place 

Conversation #5: "Helping Our Unique Learners and Autistic Students Learn From Home" 

with Alissa Hofstee, Supervisor of Early Childhood Special Education & Integrate Supports, Kent ISD

Conversation #6: "Adopting a Community Schools Approach" 

with Caroline Geist, Director of Ottawa Community Schools Network, and Amber Fox, Director of Integrated Supports and Team Lead at Kent School Services Network 

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