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Rebekah's passion is to help individuals experience wholeness in their places of work. As an experienced facilitator and educator, Rebekah serves as the primary instructor, curriculum designer, and  Executive Director for Opportunity Thrive.


She is trained in Mindfulness, Restorative Practices, Trauma-Informed Practices, PBL, Design-Thinking, Cognitive Coaching, Leverage Leadership, and Writing and Reading Workshop. As a former educator and instructional coach, she has a deep background in working with small and large groups to facilitate goal-oriented growth.


In her current role, she trains and coaches educators from across Michigan to discover the pathways through their stress, and she equips districts and schools to transform their cultures to be healthier places for all to work and thrive.

Rebekah Schipper, M.Ed.

Executive Director

Training Facilitator: 
Staff Resilience and Wellbeing
Staff Culture Transformation

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