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We believe that healthy staff cultures and resilient educators are the keys to dynamic, innovative, and successful schools–where all children can grow and flourish.


Welcome to thrive

Our Heart:

The heart of Opportunity Thrive is in the word thrive. We desire to see individuals, organizations, and communities flourish and grow; we believe that growth requires intentionality and care. If individuals and organizations invest in the internal work, they will see greater external results.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help professionals thrive in both work and life. In particular, our passion is in helping educators build resiliency, self-efficacy, and emotional regulation, so they can create thriving classrooms that are equipped to meet the ever-changing needs of students.

Solving the growing crisis of keeping our educators in the profession will require more than suggestions of self-care. 

And the solutions are more within our control than we sometimes believe.

Our coaching supports are unique, educator-centered, and confidential. We support educators on their journeys to rediscover their passion and purpose in education.


Whole Staff Support.

Build common skills to navigate stress, common language to navigate interpersonal relationships, and common vision for what it means to be a healthy, whole team.


Utilizing timely, relevant data, identify the parts of your staff culture that are not working for everyone. Use the data to ask the right questions and to discover the ways you can systematically create healthier places for your team to work.


Systemic Change.

Individualized Support.

Because the work we do as educators is intensely emotional, support your staff with confidential, relevant, flexible 1-1 coaching that helps any educator who needs to feel seen, heard, and supported.

Check out what some of those closest to our work have to say... 

"Loved that my coach really got to know me and could diagnose some areas where work might feel more draining than fun. Together, we got to the root of my issues and developed some strategies for making sure that I was taking time to focus on the rewarding part of teaching."

- High School Teacher

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