Our mission is to create opportunities for you to thrive in work and life....

I feel like I can finally get my life back!

Rebekah did a remarkable job explaining complex and new ideas to our staff in simple and practical ways.  Her material will be a stretch for some of our team, but Rebekah's invitational posture gave many in our group a new imagination for what self-care could look like in their lives.

Opportunity Thrive has taught me to be more intentional about slowing down and breathing throughout my day, and to practice deep breathing on my drive to work. I am thankful for this practice of mindfulness as it brings me mental clarity in my day to day.

The best PD I've been to. It filled my tank but has practical applications @ school. 

FANTASTIC! Practical, applicable, restful, and delightful. I can honestly say I will make real and meaningful changes because of today. 

Thank you for the continued excellence. I have really tried to take your teaching to heart this year and can truly say you've made a difference in my life. Thank you.

Welcome to thrive

Our Heart:

The heart of Opportunity Thrive is in the word thrive. We desire to see individuals, organizations, and communities flourish and grow; we believe that growth requires intentionality and care. If individuals and organizations invest in the internal work, they will see greater external results.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help professionals thrive in both work and life. In particular, our passion is in helping educators build resiliency, self-efficacy, and emotional regulation, so they can create thriving classrooms that are equipped to meet the ever-changing needs of students. 

"Mentoring is a process of becoming, not an unimpeded march to perfection." - Max DePree

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