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Travis Neller started his educational journey in 2010. With a degree from Central Michigan University, in Family Studies and Physical Education, Travis knew he wanted to be in education. He just didn’t know exactly where to begin. Travis started working as a paraprofessional at St. Vincent Catholic Charities Children's Home in Lansing, MI. He also began coaching boys’ basketball at Waverly High School (his alma mater) at this time and continues in that position to this day. After a few months, an administrator from the Ingham Intermediate School District approached Travis and asked if he wanted to sub at a Highfields-Malcob Williams school in Onondaga MI. What Travis thought would be a short assignment, turned into a 2-year commitment of full-time teaching Physical Education to 7th-12th Grade Boys.


Travis is excited to share his experience as a male minority educator in hope to collaborate with the Opportunity Thrive Board to help serve our educators. With Travis’ many experiences in the educational world it gives him a unique lens in order to listen to and help support and encourage educators.


Travis loves to mentor, learn, travel, coach basketball, collect sports cards and hangout with friends and family. Travis has son named Elijah and says being a Dad along with marrying his wife, Christy, is the best blessing he has ever had. Travis resides on the westside of Lansing.

Travis Neller

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