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Laura Wyble, BS, MAT

Program Manager

Laura is currently the Program Manager for the Educator Wellness Program through Opportunity Thrive. With 30 years of educational experience as a secondary education teacher, administrator and co-founder of two public charter schools, Laura has developed a lifelong passion for empowering students of all ages and abilities. In addition, Laura has worked closely with families and communities providing support and education as to how they can best support the children in their families and their communities. Working in mental health prior to education, Laura understands and advocates for all individuals to be emotionally and mentally healthy in order to live their best life as well as supporting their education from Pre-K through post-secondary learning.

Most of her years have been working with the at-risk, non-traditional population of learners. She has always looked for ways to identify and build on students’ strengths and support their various learning styles in traditional schools, alternative education settings, vocational programming as well as through virtual schooling. Laura has worked with students in a number of schools and programs helping them to become healthy, resilient people, as well as working with their families regarding the ‘how’s’ of supporting their children in their educational journey. In addition, Laura has a passion for walking alongside and supporting educators as they strive to be the best they can be as teachers, role models and mentors, in order that they may continue to carry out one of the most important tasks in life - educating all who walk into their classroom.

With a Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and a Master’s degree from Wayne State University, Laura continues to learn through formal educational opportunities and trainings as well as life’s experiences in order to better serve all educators/staff, students, families and communities.